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There are many benefits to having an in-ground pool in your backyard, especially for aesthetics and property value. However, owning a pool comes with additional maintenance costs, and many homeowners are defying the norm and demolishing their swimming pools to maximize outside space. The reality is that many people opt to take pools out than put them in, and Orlando Pool Demolition is the go-to service provider for exceptional pool demolition in St. Cloud, FL. While in-ground pools in the backyard are fun in the summer, it is not in use most of the time. Here are reasons you should fill in your swimming pool.

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Not in Use

As mentioned, backyard pools are not used regularly and require a lot of maintenance to maintain them in tip-top condition. You don’t have to sink money in that huge hole, whereas the resources can be used in other crucial projects. We understand that a pool might have been a good investment back then, but there are better ways to use your backyard. Whether you want to plant a garden or build something of value, you can count on us for quality pool demolition in St. Cloud, FL.

Maintenance Costs Add Up

Over time, older swimming pools become money pits, especially when they fall into hard times. Some costs include weekly cleaning, water testing, filter replacement, and other maintenance. The costs are even higher if you are paying to heat the pool. If you are tired of the additional costs of owning an in-ground pool, we recommend hiring a professional demolition service to handle the heavy lifting. The cost of hiring us for pool removal offsets the yearly maintenance costs and gives you a clean slate to transform your yard.

pool not used that adds more maintenance costs

Create Space

A pool that spans the backyard leaves no room for other outdoor activities. If you want a play area, room for outdoor dining, a gazebo, or an area to hold parties, consider pool demolition in St. Cloud, FL. Many pool installation contractors don’t factor in landscape design, leaving you with a dysfunctional yard that doesn’t suit your lifestyle. We can help restore your yard to pre-installation condition, allowing you to make the most of your outdoor space.

Safety and Liability Concerns

The cost of owning a swimming pool is not limited to maintenance; it also increases your insurance premiums. Coverage providers refer to pools as “an appealing nuisance” in their policies, hence the need to re-design your landscape. Many safety concerns make owning a pool a liability concern, such as drowning, especially with children on the premises. Pool demolition in St. Cloud, FL, allows children to engage in outdoor activities without the risk of drowning.

If you are not convinced about getting rid of your pool, get a professional assessment of your pool’s condition and the cost of filling it. If your pool is draining resources, we can help demolish it correctly. Contact us today to talk to our experts about pool demolition in St. Cloud, FL. We guarantee exceptional services at pocket-friendly rates.

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