Pool Demolition in Altamonte Springs, FL

If your home was caught up in the trend of packing big inground pools into small backyards, leaving essentially no grass to stand on, you might think of it as a victim. Pools were once trendy but can also be huge liabilities in costs and safety concerns. Plus, in the space where your pool is, you could have space that you use much more frequently, whether it’s a patio to entertain or green space to play fetch with your dog. We offer pool demolition in Altamonte Springs, FL to restore your backyard.

By removing your pool and backfilling the space with proper materials, we can offer you solid ground on which to plant grass, build a deck, or make any kind of backyard space you can dream of.

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What Pools Cost You

In real dollars and in peace of mind, having a pool in your backyard really costs you. But, sometimes these costs become such an ingrained part of our budget that we forget they are optional. Here’s how your pool might be costing you:

  • Chemicals: Pool chemicals are so much more than just chlorine. There’s algaecide, pH up and pH down chemicals, clarifiers, bromine, and more. You need specific versions of the chemicals for your pool, not to mention test strips.
  • Equipment: Water filters, water pumps and pool heaters can all be costly and are far from one-time purchases. They breakdown in only a few years.
  • Repairs: Not only will your pool equipment need repairs, but the pool materials itself, and everything that the pool splashes on, may also need repairs.
  • Home insurance: Some companies increase rates for homes with pools. It just makes sense as these homes have higher odds of accidents.
  • Liability: If they do happen to you, pool accidents can create seriously costly problems for you, including being sued or having to manage the healthcare costs of whoever was injured.
owning a pool has a lot of down sides

The non-financial costs of owning a pool can be an issue too. For those with small children, the stress of keeping them from the pool, or maintaining the fence around the pool, can be a drain. You don’t have to deal with it.

Struggling to Sell?

Sometimes the pool is the problem when you can’t sell your home. We’ve all seen the unfortunate circumstance where an older person couldn’t maintain the pool in the months before they passed. If you’ve inherited a pool that looks more like an unkempt pond, it may be wiser to just remove the pool rather than try to rescue it.

Even if the pool is in good condition, removing it can still help you sell. Buyers, especially those with young families, may eschew pools. They’d rather a property that is safer, less maintenance, and has more room for their kids to run around than one with a pool.

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