Pool Removal in Winter Park, FL

What was once a must-have home feature has become a huge hassle, leaving many homeowners in Winter Park, FL frustrated with their property. Unless you’re a professional swimmer or one of your kids wants to be, you probably don’t use the pool nearly as much as you envisioned, and probably not enough to justify its many costs. From chemicals, to repairs, to increased liability, a pool can add a lot of financial stress to your life. With a pool removal in Winter Park, FL from our team, you can get rid of your pool problems for good.

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Make Your Home Your Own

Chances are, someone else made the decision for your home to have a pool. Whether it was the last owner who installed the pool or not, large pools in small yards can seriously limit what you do with your green space. It may not feel that “green” at all. You can get the amenities you truly want for your home, and make life much more practical, with a pool removal.

When you take out your pool you can put in something new. Consider these options:

  • Sustainable yard:Pools use a ton of water. Pool chemicals evaporate into the environment. For many reasons, pools aren’t sustainable. Add a garden of native plants and support the environment instead.
  • Gardening: Chlorine or saltwater do not make for a great yard for plants. Gardeners who want more room and better yields can get rid of their pool.
  • Entertain: A patio, a deck, even a fire pit, you can place any of these features where you pool is currently.
  • Outdoor kitchens: Increase your home’s value and function significantly with an outdoor kitchen.
pool removed from backyard and lawn restored

Simple Pool Removal

Isn’t taking the pool out of the ground as much hassle as putting one in? It really doesn’t have to be. We provide complete pool demolition where we handle every detail of the process. Some of the ways that we make everything simpler for you include:

  • Visit and estimate: There are two kinds of pool removals: partial pool removals and complete pool demolition. We’ll visit your yard, discuss your plans for your space, and let you know which one you need. Then we’ll provide you with an honest estimate.
  • Permits: The people at the permit office are familiar faces to us, and we do the whole permit process faster because we’re familiar with their system and what they need to approve your project.
  • Recycling and disposal: From the water in your pool to the shell materials, all need to be disposed or recycled within local Winter Park guidelines. We handle it for you—you don’t even need to think about it.
  • Fill and compaction: We will create stable ground for you to build on. You won’t need to worry about the pool turning into a mud pit or sinking in a year.

Choose Professional Pool Removal

Professional pool removal is the perfect way to rid your yard of this hassle and make your yard the space you’ve always dreamed it would be. Reach out to us for pool removal in Winter Park, FL.

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