Why Choose Pool Demolition in Orlando?

It’s rare that a single home improvement project can make your space feel bigger, as well as make it safer, simpler to maintain and more appealing to buyers, but pool demolition provides all four. While the idea of pool ownership is one of luxury, many people find the reality falls short. Daily tests, worrying about buying the right chemicals, removing rodents that get stuck in the filter’s intake valve—it can be downright gross to own a pool. You don’t have to.

Pool removal can replace this hassle with solid green space that you can use for gardening, entertaining, or just letting your kids or pets run around in the backyard without worrying about their risk of drowning. We provide you with the stable ground you need to build your dream yard on.

What About the Buyers?

Pools are falling out of vogue. Maybe it is our busy lifestyles that leave little room for constant pool maintenance, or the risks of having a pool in our litigious world, but buyers are not always interested in homes with pools. You may make your home more appealing to many people when you remove your swimming pool from the backyard, especially if you plan on replacing it with something else of value.

That is also true if demolishing your pool means that your yard now has green space and room to move. Some people pack in pools that are way too big in little yards—and some buyers would much rather have a real yard.

How Proper Pool Demolition Works

Professional pool demolition should leave you with a stable yard that drains water properly, has all the utilities of the pool removed, and is safe. There are many good reasons to leave this project to the professionals, especially when it comes to getting permits and professional inspection of the yard.

We follow and eight-step pool removal process. During it, we take care of every single step and detail, keeping you informed and in the loop about the removal process at all times. It works like this:

  • Planning: We plan out your pool removal.
  • Permits: We get all of the permits needed for the removal.
  • Draining and disposal: We drain the water and dispose of it within your city’s guidelines.
  • Utilities: All power and water lines to the pool are disconnected and capped.
  • Breakdown: We drill holes in the pool and remove portions of it.
  • Backfill and compaction: We properly fill the hole with the right mix of backfill materials, grade them and compact them.
  • Debris removal: We remove all debris from the site and take it to be recycled.
  • Final inspection: We do a walk through and ensure that everything is clean and was done properly.

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